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WE-cycle is the Roaring Fork Valley’s community bikeshare service. With 255 bikes and 49 stations across the Valley — serving Aspen, Basalt and Snowmass Village — WE-cycle makes commuting and quick trips across town easy and fun. And it’s FREE!

"This was [my] first time using WE-cycle. I’d always wondered what it was like. It was a seamless experience and enjoyable."

— 2020 Rider

"I love that WE-cycle provides the first-and-last-mile solution I need in order to be able to take the bus to work and ditch my car at home."

— 2019 Rider

"I love WE-cycle. I use my car much less to go into town or into work. "

— 2020 Rider

"I saw someone riding from the Basalt Park and Ride into town and realized that THAT'S what I could use WE-cycle for!"

— 2019 Rider

"You are all the best! In rain or sleet or sun, you keep us riding!"

— 2020 Rider

"My bike stays in the town where I live. I use WE-cycle in the town where I work."

— 2019 Rider

"Every time I saw a WE-cycle employee they were super friendly! So grateful to have this easy public transit option to cruise around town in and have great people making it possible. Thanks!! "

— 2020 Rider

"Great program! Lucky to live in a valley that has access to this awesome service!"

— 2019 Rider

"Just a great company! You helped me lose 30 lbs this summer!"

— 2019 Rider

"Thanks for making this happen. A serious transportation game changer."

— 2019 Rider

Sign up for WE-cycle on the app

Create a FREE account or download Transit  to sign up and check out a bike. 

Get a WE-cycle bike

Check out a bike at any of the 50 stations in our system. You can use Transit and and get an Unlock Code or insert your key card. Wait for the green light, pull firmly on the handlebars or lift the seat and let the bike roll out.

Return your WE-cycle bike

Return your bike to any station. Push firmly. Wait for the green light on the dock to make sure it’s locked. Time resets with each ride.

Ride WE-cycle again and again

Enjoy unlimited 30-minute (or less) rides in Aspen, Basalt and Snowmass Village. 

WE-cycle system map placeholder

Download the app Transit to find stations and real-time bike availability from April through October.