WE-cycle station in the sky! Our Ops Team is out and about in Aspen getting ready for the 2016 season. Say hello! #aspenco #bikeshare #bike #aspen WE-cycle team meeting today @cpburgeraspen to get ready for the 2016 season! Say hello to the team as they place stations in Aspen this week and don't forget to vote online for station locations! #bike #aspen #bikeshare #aspenco #vote Early results are in with favorite locations taking shape. What's your favorite spot? Vote now at #vote #aspenco #bikeshare #aspen #bike It's WE-cycle weather outside and voting is live for three new stations that need homes in Aspen this season. Visit to vote! #wecycle #vote #aspen #aspenco #bikeshare #bike


Want to pledge to Drive Less? Check back on May 1 for details​ on how to get a FREE WE-cycle Season Pass.

​WE-cycle is excited to announce that, thanks to the City of Aspen, all RFTA Seasonal Zone Passes will include a free WE-cycle Season Pass. Combining bike and bus transit has never ben easier! More information can be found here.

​WE-cycle is excited to serve Basalt, Willits, and El Jebel in the spring of 2016!

WE-cycle & You

Just a few ways WE-cycle comes in handy...

Find yourself needing to get somewhere quickly? 

Ever end up needing a ride one direction but you have a way back?

Forget something and need to zip home but you don't have wheels? 

Get a last minute invite and want to join friends for a drink?

Don't want to leave your nice bike at the bus stop all day?

WE-cycle is waiting for you, 24/7. Join the movement. 

Did You

47% of Americans say want more bike paths, lanes, and trails in their community.