Hello, Aspen Airport Business Center and Neighborhoods!

For years, riders have been requesting WE-cycle in the AABC area to provide bikeshare as a fast, convenient, and healthy mode of travel. In May, six new WE-cycle stations will open in the Aspen Airport Business Center and North Forty/Annie Mitchell neighborhoods. The network of stations is designed to facilitate bike connectivity to/from the airport bus stops, within the AABC, and to/from Aspen. Bikesharing provides a great opportunity to replace vehicle trips with emission-free bike commuting and errands pedaling and there safe, separated bike paths to and from the AABC and Aspen. WE-cycle bikes are available 24 hours a day and the first 30 minutes of every ride is free.

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System Map

Station locations have been strategically selected in collaboration with Pitkin County and with community feedback. Stations placements are intended to create a comprehensive network to connect transit, housing, and commerce. The AABC WE-cycle expansion is funded by RFTA and Pitkin County.

Why WE-cycle?

Riding WE-cycle improves our air quality, reduces our impact on climate change, and helps our state of mind.  Our vision is that “WE” can pedal towards a sustainable, healthy, and connected future. As we grow and expand, our aim is to transform the Roaring Fork Valley into a region that prioritizes bicycles over vehicles, replaces traffic congestion with vibrancy, improves our visitor experience, and demonstrates innovation and leadership. We believe these values and goals are strongly aligned with those of Carbondale residents and visitors and we are looking forward to sharing both our bicycles and our enthusiasm with your community.
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Brief History

  • WE-cycle is a 501(c)(3) not for profit with the mission to connect people to place with free community bikeshare. 
  • WE-cycle opened in Aspen in 2013, in the Mid-Valley in 2016, two stations of the Snowmass Bikeshare Connector in 2020, and Carbondale in 2023.
  • WE-cycle is funded through a public/private partnership with RFTA, local jurisdictions, sponsorships from businesses and organizations, and donors. 
  • As of 2023, RFTA is the primary funder of WE-cycle and thereby the Roaring Fork Valley’s bikeshare services, in partnership with local jurisdictions. RFTA is funding the regional costs and each jurisdiction their direct local operation costs.
  • Local businesses and organizations sponsor WE-cycle to demonstrate their alignment with the communities’ goals of reducing traffic and improving air quality.

WE-cycle Basics

  • WE-cycle is designed for short, transit-oriented trips. Whether you want to get to the bus faster or make a one-way trip across town, WE-cycle is there for you.
  • Rides under 30 minutes are FREE, every time. After 30 minutes, Late Fees are: + $0.50 per minute for pedal bikes and + $5.00 per minute for e-bikes.
  • Interested in longer rides? Rent from a bike shop.

Get to know us!

WE'll become familiar faces in the area as our team redistributes bikes and we host station pop-ups. We are happy to help you sign up and answer questions in both English and Spanish. 
Interested in us coming to your business or organization? We’d love to! Please reach out to info@we-cycle.org.


We’d love to hear from you, contact us.