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Operations Team - Part-Time Positions

  • Be part of the dynamic team that balances bikes and maintains bikes and stations in both the Aspen and Basalt Systems. 
  • Part-time positions available from May - August, 2018
  • Please send your resume and letter of interest to

The WE-cycle Team Ethos

  • Be exceptional: Eagerness to exceed expectations, demonstrate passion for job, take pride and ownership in organization and its success.
  • Be informed: Get to know WE-cycle and stay current.
  • Be communicative: Willingness to ask questions, voice concerns, and share perspectives in a trusting, supportive environment. Learn, understand, and communicate complex technical and operational aspects of a bike share system.
  • Be a leader: Take initiative, be proactive, bring ideas, help motivate team, and cultivate a collaborative workplace.
  • Be a team player: Be there for your colleagues. This is “WE-cycle” not “i-cycle.” Lend a hand and jump into all aspects of operating and promotion.
  • Be positive: Optimistic attitude and sense of humility.
  • Be flexible: Embody comfort with ambiguity and quickly changing circumstances.
  • Be calm: Patiently adapt to changes, manage competing demands and be able to deal with frequent change and the unexpected.
  • Be dependable: Reliable and timely, arrive ready to roll.
  • Be poised: Demonstrate interpersonal maturity, professionalism, confidentiality, and judgment.
  • Be curious: Observant, critical thinking and questions. Get to know team.
  • Be entrepreneurial: WE-cycle is a young non-profit. Put on your “start-up” hat and cultivate its culture and be an instrumental part of its growth.
  • Be committed: Demonstrate personal and professional commitment to the vision, mission and values of sustainable transportation.
  • Be a voice: Effectively communicate WE-cycle’s mission, impact, and value proposition to a range of stakeholders.
  • Be the movement: Ride bikes and use public transit as much as you can.