For short, 30-minute rides to:

  • Get you across town from point to point.
  • Get to the bus or home from the bus.
  • Run errands.
  • Get to an event.
  • Skip parking and traffic.

Bikeshare is a transit-oriented program. The goal of bikeshare is to offer a free transportation option to locals, commuters, and visitors to travel from one location to another, to use for distances short enough to ride a bike instead of use a car, to complete the last few miles after taking the local RFTA bus service, and to run errands. Bikeshare is free for each 30-minute ride. Rides over 30 minutes incur fees because the bicycle is out of service for other users. Fees are to discourage long rides which are not the intent of the service or meant for this style of bicycle.


Bikeshare Qualities:

  • All the bicycles are the same size.
  • There are only two types of bicycles to choose from: pedal bikes and e-bikes.
  • Only the seats are adjustable.
  • Bicycles are extra sturdy for rider safety and multiple users per day.
  • Less expensive than gas and parking fees.
  • Bicycles are available 24-hours a day, every day, during the season.

Bike Rental

For longer rides to:

  • Explore town at a leisurely pace.
  • Enjoy the scenic trails that extend throughout the Valley.
  • Ride many miles of the Rio Grande Trail.
  • Get outside together as a family.
  • Make the most of your vacation with a bicycle that is lightweight and specifically sized for you.

Bicycle rentals are the perfect choice for sightseeing and recreational riding that is meant to be leisurely and for more than an hour of continuous riding. Rather than going from point to point using a bikeshare bicycle, bike rentals allow you to visit multiple sights all day long and encourage wandering and exploring. The beauty of bicycle rental is that customers can choose their own bike from a variety of makes, models and sizes. They are typically light weight and come with a diverse range of features including multiple gears, adjustable elements, child carriers, and usually include a helmet and a lock.


Bike Rental Qualities:

  • Large variety of bicycle brands and styles from which to choose.
  • Most features on a rental bicycle are adjustable.
  • Lighter weight than bikeshare bicycles.
  • Designed for long distance riding and leisurely sightseeing for one or multiple days.
  • Rentals are available through many local bicycle stores with specific hours for rental.
  • For profit businesses that support our local economy.

WE-cycle is designed to cost more than a bike rental if used significantly longer than the intended 30 minutes. WE-cycle is a nonprofit organization that is supported by local jurisdictions, the region's bus service - RFTA - and contributions from businesses and donations. It is an extension of transportation services intended to provide first- and last-mile connections for commuters.

Why late fees?  

Late Fees are designed to discourage long rides and encourage short ones. That’s why every time you check out a bike you are given a 30-minute free ride from station to station. We want you to accomplish your commuting goals, get from A to B, and save money on gas and parking. WE-cycle is a not-for-profit and we are not aiming to make money on Late Fees but rather encourage the use of shared transportation and support local bike rental shops, listed below.

  Interested in a longer ride? Visit our local bike shops.


Aspen Bicycles 516 E. Durant Ave Aspen  (970) 429-8053
Aspen Bike Rentals

430 S. Spring Street

Aspen (970) 925-9169
Aspen Sports

408 E. Cooper Street

Aspen (970) 925-6331
Aspen Velo

465 N. Mill Street #20

Aspen (970) 925-1495
Basalt Bike & Ski 


112 S. Mill Street

731 E. Valley Road

571 CO-133





(970) 925-7662

(970) 927-3460

(970) 963-0128

Four Mountain Sports


520 E. Durant Ave

61 Wood Road



Snowmass Village

(970) 920-2337

(970) 923-0430

Hub of Aspen

616 E. Hyman Ave

Aspen (970) 925-7970
Replay Sports

465 N. Mill Street #11

Aspen (970) 925-2483
Ride Aspen   Aspen (970)-404-0190
Ute City Cycles

231 E. Main Street


(970) 920-3325