WE-cycle is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and is committed to both operational and environmental sustainability.

WE-cycle was founded as a public | private partnership to serve the community at large. 

  • Local jurisdictions support WE-cycle with capital and operating funding and by underwriting free ridership. 
  • Local businesses sponsor WE-cycle bikes and stations.
  • Grantors support specific WE-cycle initiatives. 
  • Donors can make a general contribution, donate to a specific effort, or Name a Bike with a personal message. 

Become a Sponsor

Let WE-cycle spread your message and braind on our bikes in both Aspen and Basalt.

Make your business a WE-cycle destination by sponsoring and naming a station. 

General Support

WE-cycle operates a lean organization and all donations make a difference.

System Expansion

Interested in bringing WE-cycle to your neighborhood or community? Help build the momentum! 

Movimiento en Bici

Equity is an essential component of WE-cycle's ethos. Our mission is that bike share be accesible to all residents of the Roaring Fork Valley. The Movimiento en Bici program is designed to serve our valley's Latino community. Local partners include the Valley Settlement Project and English in Action. Grant funding is from the Better Bike Share Partnership

I'd like to make a tax-deductible contribution to WE-cycle: