WE-cycle is investigating the possibility of opening bike share in Glenwood Springs.

With enough community support and funding, this exciting pedal-powered, shared public transit system could open by summer 2018. Unfortunately, due to funding constraints WE-cycle will not be in place before the closure of the Grand Avenue Bridge in August of 2017.

Benefits of Bike Share

•  short trips  (most rides under 30 minutes)
•  one-way, spontaneous trips
•  first-mile / last-mile connection with the bus
•  faster than walking
•  avoid car traffic and parking
•  ride around congestion
•  get across the river
•  support local businesses
•  reduce traffic, noise, pollution  (-20% for bridge closure)
•  connect community
•  independence, reliability, health

You Can Help

• Let us know if you would use bike share

Let us know where stations should be, to make bike share work for you 

• Arrange a presentation for your organization, club, business, neighborhood

• Join the Glenwood Springs Bike Share Initiative Team —local riders, teachers, engineers, planners, business owners, marketers
- Help inform others, with presentations and special events
- Measure interest in using bike share
- Tour potential bike share station sites
- Refine the proposed system

  Contact Steve Smith

• Let us know how to stay in touch with you

Progress So Far…

In February 2016, the Glenwood Springs City Council invited WE-cycle to present its learnings from bike share implementation in the Roaring Fork Valley and discuss how it might be effective in Glenwood Springs. The Council unanimously expresssed its enthusiasm for the idea of bike share, encouraging WE-cycle and local organizers to develop a detailed proposal.

In the following months, the Glenwood Springs Bike Share Initiative Committee mobilized with the goal to open a system open as early as possible in 2017 in order to have it familiar and well-used before Grand Avenue Bridge closes for reconstruction

In April, the Council and the Garfield County Commissioners approved initial funding, $15,000 total, for a Feasibility and Scoping Study. The study is currently underway utilizing local expertise of the volunteer Bike Share Initiative Committee, the bike share knowledge from WE-cycle, RFTA’s transportation expertise, and the City of Glenwood Springs engineering and planning staff.

In July, the team will present a report to Glenwood Springs City Council with estimated system and operating costs, funding possibilities, and a first-draft design for a network of bike share stations.


Articles forthcoming