2022 in Design: TMRC + WE-cycle


This year, on bikes and stations throughout the valley, WE-cycle presented a messaging campaign meant to connect riders with the value, ease, and joy of riding bikeshare. The MyersRoberts Collective (TMRC), the Snowmass-based design firm and a WE-cycle Founding Partner, created 20 different designs inspired by the spokes of bicycle wheels and gears and then featured short, succinct messages in both English and Spanish across the graphics. From riding bikeshare to connect with local transit, saving money on transportation (especially with gas prices up), skipping roadway congestion, to having fun getting around town, we hope that these messages remind you of why you chose two-wheels and brought our vision and mission to life. Take a look back at a couple WE-cycle designs that were visible during the 2022 season and hear from the TMRC designers.

Stay tuned for our 2023 campaign!