Are You Charged Up for Summer E-Biking?

Photo: WE-cycle / Daniel Bayer
Photo: WE-cycle / Daniel Bayer

Since bringing 6 e-bikes into the WE-cycle fleet in 2020, the demand for them has been – well – electric. Last year, 60% of our riders reported that they prefer to hop on an e-bike and each e-bike was, on average, ridden four and a half times more often than each pedal bike. That tells us that the love for e-bikes is going strong.



To make sure we keep the ease in e-biking, we have a few tips that, if you don’t already know them, will charge up your riding and our bikes.


  •   E-bikes with 1 bar of battery have enough charge for a 30-minute ride.
  •   The system will not let you checkout an e-bike that is too low on battery.
  •   You can see e-bike availability in real time on our maps page
  •   You will see a red light to the left of a bike, on the dock, if it is unavailable to check out. 


Please know, it takes 3-4 hours for an e-bike to charge and reach full power.  We’re doing our best to ensure e-bikes are available and ready to roll.

And don’t forget to ride e-bikes with caution as they can be faster than a pedal bike.  Wear your helmet, follow rules of the road, and have fun.


You can help!

Return e-bikes to the following WE-cycle e-bike charging stations, so they can charge up and be ready for your, or someone else’s, next spin:

  • Aspen: Rubey Park Transit Center, Galena Plaza, Paepcke Park, Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen Highlands Base Village, Buttermilk BRT DV (coming soon).
  • Mid-Valley: Basalt Upvalley BRT, Willits BRT, El Jebel BRT UV.