Connecting WE-cycle with the Roaring Fork Valley’s Latino/Latina community.

RFTA bus and Movimiento en Bici staff


Movimiento en Bici, WE-cycle’s Latino/Latina-engagement programming, is designed to facilitate access to WE-cycle’s free bike transit services by making WE-cycle materials and information available in Spanish, having members from within the Latino/Latina community as part of the WE-cycle Team, offering Spanish-language customer support, encouraging engagement through focused outreach efforts, and offering in-person one on one tutorials/support on an as needed basis.

Ana Tapia joined the team this year and her alignment and passion for community engagement have been hard to ignore. She is dialed into community events and speaks freely and often about how using bikes for transportation can create more dynamic and vibrant communities. WE asked her a few questions about her role and how she sees bikeshare benefiting the Roaring Fork Valley:

Q: Why is bikeshare important for the Latino/Latina community?
AT: Bikeshare is all about having fun and big smiles. I think it’s so important for the Anglo and Latino/Latina communities to have equal access to programs like WE-cycle. On a WE-cycle, we get to share the experience of riding bikes and the health benefits of pedal-powered transportation. It helps close the divide and create one whole community.

Q: What are some of the misconceptions of using bikes for transportation?
AT: I get asked a lot of questions about WE-cycle and free, 30-minute rides. The benefits of riding bikes for transportation sometimes need a more detailed explanation in Spanish. Once I’ve explained the program, people are excited that they can save time and money. I love changing people’s minds about WE-cycle. The comment I hear a lot is, “Wow! It’s free and for people in the Latin community as well!?”

Q: What’s your favorite part of working for Movimiento en Bici?
AT: My favorite part is being involved in a program that is trying to help our community. Yesterday, I was promoting WE-cycle to businesses and individuals from both the Latino/Latina and Anglo community. I love explaining that riding bikes can save time and support your health. I enjoy the challenge of getting people to sign up – it sometimes needs a bit of explaining but almost always the person comes around and appreciates the benefits of WE-cycle.