Meet Blue

WE-cycle e-bikeshare pilot

There’s a new ride in town. Meet “Blue,” one of 20+ e-bikes that are joining her* silver cousins in the Valley this summer. She’s a fun companion, helping you go farther, faster and — for the first 30 minutes — free! Blue’s small electric motor (Class I) makes her a lively sidekick; she’s a breeze at hills and can propel you longer distances in a short amount of time. You’ll have to help get her rolling, though. Blue’s a no-throttle, pedal-assist kind of a gal. The lyrics on Blue’s fenders, courtesy of Sotheby’s International Realty, let you know that she’s on her way to becoming a true local: loves a good tune and a good time. Blue is great for commuting, errands and short point-to-point trips. Please join us in welcoming Blue when she wheels into a station near you in June.

*Thankfully, we know that bikes — even la bicicleta — are free from gender norms. We had fun imagining all the characteristics a bicycle might have in human form and invite you to apply whichever pronouns work for you in the story of your e-bike dreams.

WE-cycle e-bikes are priced to incentivize short transit trips. Overtime fees apply for each additional minute beyond 30 minutes: $5.00/min. For longer rides, we invite you to rent at one of our local bike shops (click and scroll here for a list).