The Great Rider Responsibility

Great responsibility image

Riding WE-cycle is a privilege.  When you think about it, WE-cycle gives you access to 400 bikes all around the Roaring Fork Valley at the exact moment and location you want to ride. All you have to do is hop on and start pedaling. So, since this incredible fleet is truly yours to use, your bicycles, your friend’s bicycles, your parent’s bicycles, your coach’s bicycles, how do you want to treat them? 

WE at WE-cycle are community members just like you and WE ask that you treat them with respect. You see us out and about caring for the bikes and moving them around so that they are where you both want and need. When you check out a WE-cycle to zip to school, to ride home, to go to the store, or to grab lunch, you are finding great pedal power and with that comes great rider responsibility. 

When you agree to ride WE-cycle, remember that you check all of these boxes:

  • Are you 14 or older?  You must be to ride WE-cycle and your parent/legal guardian must approve too. Here is the WE-cycle User Agreement which is what you agree to when you sign up.  
  • Every time you get on a WE-cycle, you are responsible for riding safely, including wearing a helmet. Remember to follow the Rules of the Road
  • Ride WE-cycle with care, you are responsible for any damages you cause.
  • Keep rides under 30 minutes or pay Late Fees.


Some ideas of responsible ways to use WE-cycle:

  • Bike from the RFTA bus stop to school in the morning.
  • Ride WE-cycle to grab a snack after your last class.
  • Meet up with your friends at Arbaney Park or Rio Grande Park by taking an e-bike there.
  • Stay in bike lanes and roadways, not on grass or pedestrian walkways. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings while riding; don’t text and bike.
  • Check the basket of the bike after you have ridden to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.