Savvy Cycling with WE-cycle

Photo: Rising Sun Photography
Photo: Rising Sun Photography

Summer is our busiest and most fun time at WE-cycle.  We love seeing our riders moving around Aspen, Snowmass Village, Basalt, Willits, El Jebel (and soon Carbondale) on our bikes with orange flair. Not only is WE-cycle a community asset, but it is also much cheaper than driving, easier on the earth than a motorized vehicle, and the convenience can’t be beat.  Once you’ve got the hang of riding WE-cycle, it becomes like second nature to 1: use your smartphone or keycard to get a bike, 2: ride it from point A to point B, and 3: return the bike without Late Fees.  

There are a few simple things to know beyond the 1-2-3 of riding WE-cycle that can expand your knowledge on and off the bike.  Savvy cycling makes every journey better and helps keep the entire fleet in tip-top shape.  

The following tips will boost your know-how before you begin your ride, when checking out a bike, pedaling the bike, and docking it at a station.  And once you’ve elevated your WE-cycle game, please pass these tips on to your friends and fellow riders to make this community benefit even stronger.


  • Service Updates: if the WE-cycle system isn’t working for you, find current information about what could be affecting bike availability at
  • Access your rider account: manage your account, change your password, and see trip details by logging in on our website.
  • Pre-ride check: give tires a squeeze to check their pressure, test brakes, and adjust seat height before you ride.
  • Lift the seat: pulling up on the seat can help release the bike from the dock, after you see the green light.
  • Pause your pedaling to shift gears: WE-cycle bike gears shift more smoothly when not in motion.
  • The green light: confirm that your trip has ended by looking for the green dock light.
  • Push hard to return a bike: press it firmly into a dock and hold for a moment. See the green light to confirm you ride timer has stopped.
  • The wrench button: something wrong with a bike? Return it and press the ‘wrench’ button to notify WE-cycle.