WE-cycle Winter Riding

Photo by: Rising Sun Photography
Photo by: Rising Sun Photography

Hooray, winter is here! This year, WE-cycle debuts year-round service in Carbondale. With days shorter and colder and ice and snow on the roads, WE want to ensure that your trips are safe and enjoyable. Here are some tips to help make your winter rides as comfortable as can be!


Know the Conditions

Check the weather forecast and roads before you ride! If it’s exceptionally snowy or icy, please ride with caution or consider other options. Ultimately, WE-cycle aims to operate unless the situation is extreme; you make the call that is right for your own safety.


Layer Up

Riding quickly through the cold air can be chilling! Make sure to wear comfortable layers that block some of the breeze from your ride. Gloves, thick socks, and a helmet will help to keep your extremities warm! We provide free helmets to our riders, please fill out this form to receive one.


Keep Your Eyes on the Road

When riding in winter, be extra attentive to roadway conditions. Be cautious of snow and hidden ice, even a little dusting can be slick and you never know what is under it. Watch for shady spots where ice lingers and make your turns slowly.


Lower the Seat

By bringing the WE-cycle seat a bit lower, your center of gravity will be closer to the ground. This can help you stay upright and navigate icy spots. If you skid, it will be easier to put your foot down for balance.


WE-cycle is thrilled to be offering bike transit service into the winter months in Carbondale. Enjoy and thank you for riding safely!