Why We Ride: In Your Words

Ask any WE-cycle rider why they use our bikeshare service and you’re going to get a different answer from every person. The themes are often similar, but everyone brings a unique perspective and nuance to their response. That’s one of the characteristics we like best about WE-cycle: our one-of-a-kind riders that come together to create a community of diverse individuals with a shared commitment to pedal power.   

While after 11 years in operation in the Roaring Fork Valley, we generally understood why our riders put their feet to our pedals, we were eager for their stories in their own words. So, we greased the wheels and found out thanks to some of our most frequent and enthusiastic riders.

We discovered that, on a WE-cycle, Christy finds belonging in something bigger than herself and Tim reimagines what is possible, Jordan likes the price (free), and on an e-bike, Elise has a sweat-free commute.  Liz finds it easier than looking for a parking spot and Ben is contributing to climate change solutions.

Asking our riders to share why they use bikeshare in their own words was inspiring to us, but we also hope will provide motivation to future riders who have yet to get caught up in the beauty of WE-cycle’s rotation. We know that sometimes the best ideas are spread by word of mouth, or in this case word of mount (as we mounted the quotes on stations all around the Valley).

Because our stations are in prominent places around Aspen, Snowmass Village, Basalt, Willits, El Jebel, and Carbondale, we wanted people walking by to hear from their fellow community members about why they use and love bikeshare. We are proud to bring the voices of our riders to our stations and, through their quotes, invite others to try bikesharing and create their own meaningful relationship to WE-cycle. The truth is, we hope you will spin our wheels for whatever reason feels right for you.  


If you would like to share a testimonial with us, email info@we-cycle.org.