World’s First Network of Solar-Powered E-Bike Charging Stations

Photo credit: Thomas Balcom,
Photo credit: Thomas Balcom,

Together, we’re starting a global trend and reducing greenhouse gas emissions! WE-cycle and Carbondale-based Skyhook Solar have deployed the first network of solar-powered e-bike charging stations which recharge WE-cycle’s 52 e-bikes with 100% solar energy. This network of seven stations, in both Aspen and Basalt, represent 14% of WE-cycle’s total stations. These distinct and innovative e-stations can be found in:

  • Aspen at Rubey Park Transit Center, Galena St. | Hyman Ave., Galena Plaza, Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen Highlands Base Village 
  • Basalt at Basalt Upvalley BRT, Willits BRT 

WE-cycle continues to demonstrate itself as a leader in sustainable bikeshare. In partnership with Skyhook Solar it has successfully implemented a renewable technology that addresses the need for regular e-bike charging and constantly powered stations while minimizing negative environmental impact. The challenge of “e-bikeshare is one of power delivery, location, data, and lead times – altogether, a hard problem – but one we believe we’ve collaboratively solved with WE-cycle,” comments William Gilmore, head engineer and lead designer of the Skyhook Solar Station. 

On the operational side, there are energy and staffing efficiencies gained through this development. Jack Dimmit, Director of Operations & Technology reports, “the Skyhook Solar Stations allowed us to expedite the deployment of our e-bike charging stations and greatly reduce the workload, and vehicle miles traveled, necessary to re-charge bikes. This year’s increase from two to seven charging stations has drastically improved the reliability and availability of our e-bike fleet, leading to increased ridership and freeing up staff time to focus on other important tasks.” 

Thanks to these solar-powered e-stations, WE-cycle and its partners are becoming agents of change in inspiring new thinking in how to power e-bikeshare and e-micro-mobility networks at a larger scale.

WE-cycle station showcasing Skyhook Solar’s #dowhatyoucan message.

In the Roaring Fork Valley, one Skyhook Solar Station powering a WE-cycle e-bikeshare station avoids approximately 520 total lbs of CO2 emissions in the span of the five month WE-cycle season. As we consider the greenhouse gas emissions savings of using solar energy to power thousands of e-bikeshare stations worldwide, and thereby fleets of e-bikes, herein lies the impact of this advancement. 

WE-cycle too is eyeing increased impact. As it anticipates service expansions to Carbondale and within the Aspen and Mid-Valley systems, solar-powered e-stations with the Skyhook Solar Station will be part of these new systems.

Skyhook Solar encourages us all to #dowhatyoucan. As WE-cycle and Skyhook collaborate to make e-bikeshare systems more sustainable and efficient, we encourage you to join us. Whether opting into emissions-minimizing forms of transit, utilizing renewable energy sources, or whatever you may choose to do to help the planet, thank you for being part of this movement!