One Pass. Two Systems. Ride Everywhere.

Pay-per-Ride: $3.75

5-Ride Pass: $12.50

10-Ride Pass: $20

20-Ride Pass: $25

30-Ride Pass: $30

Season Pass: $50

Why buy a Pay-per-Ride or Ride Pack?

  • For spontaneous trips across town.
  • Leave the car at home and ride to events, restaurants or to the store.
  • Easy to add on rides as you go.

How do I buy a pass?

  • Passes can be purchased in Aspen or Basalt via Transit App. Learn more here
  • What is included? Rides that are 30 minutes or less. 
  • What costs extra? Rides over 30 minutes will incur Overtime Fees. 

Overtime Fees

0 - 30 minutes

Each additional 30 minutes



Interested in Group Passes?

  • Custom passes for weddings and events
  • Give your guests a local experience
  • Contact for more information