adidas TERREX Challenge

All adidas TERREX Challenge winners have been notified. Please collect your layer from the Basalt office no later than November 15th. Email for more info.

The Details:

WE teamed up with multi-year sponsor adidas TERREX and challenged you to ride WE in a new way in 2018!

  • You can only win in one category!
  • Registration closed as of September 15th.
  • Rides between September 15th and October 15th will count towards the Challenge.
  • Rides will be tallied on October 16th.


The First Timers

First-time season passholders with the most trips in the 2018 season. Thank you for BEing the movement!

The Uphillers

Ride bikes TO the uphill stations. These stations include Aspen Valley Hospital, Marolt Housing, Hunter Creek, and Smuggler | Centennial.

The Cycling Salmon

Go against the current and ride FROM the collector stations. These stations include, in Aspen: Hopkins | Mill and North Mill Station and in Basalt: Basalt Upvalley, Café Bernard, El Jebel Upvalley and Willits Town Center.

The Commuters

Ride WE between 5am-10am and 4pm-8pm TO or FROM WE-cycle BRT bus stop stations. Stations include, in Aspen: Roundabout, 4th Street North, 4th Street South, Molly Gibson Lodge, Hotel Aspen, and CP Burger | Rubey Park, and in Basalt: Basalt Upvalley, Basalt Downvalley, El Jebel Upvalley, El Jebel Downvalley, and Willits BRT.

The Ambassadors

Grow the WE-cycle family! Sign up five new WE-cyclers and ensure that they take 15 rides by October 15th! They’ll win a WE-cycle t-shirt and you’ll win an adidas TERREX layer. Fill out this form to let us know who you've recruited!

The Neighbors

Ride TO or FROM your neighborhood to the bus, to work, or to run errands. Stations included are Blue Lake East, JW Drive | El Jebel Road, English in Action, Sopris View, Lakeside Townhomes, Midvalley Medical Center, Aspen Basalt Campground, Arbaney Park, School Street | Devon Court, Two Leaves and a Bud, Southside West, and Southside East.