Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road


In Colorado, bicyclists and motorists have the same rights and responsibilities when using public roads. Be courteous, share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. Click here to learn more.

Rules of the Road: BE on the roadway

Don’t ride on sidewalks or pedestrian malls.

Rules of the Road: BE courteous

Share the road and obey all traffic laws, signs and signals. Ride to the right. You may ride two abreast when doing so does not impede the flow of traffic. Ride single file to allow vehicles to pass. Use the shoulder (if one exists).


Yield to all pedestrians.

Rules of the Road: BE safe

All WE-cycle riders are encouraged to wear a helmet while riding. Make sure your helmet fits properly, wear it level on your head, and always buckle the chin strap. Alert others as to where you are going. Signal turns 100 feet in advance, unless you need both hands to brake or control your WE-cycle. Ride slower in areas where there is heavy traffic.

Rules of the Road: BE prepared and plan your route

Before you start a ride: adjust the seat for your height, press the brakes to gauge resistance, and check that the tires are inflated. Do not try to ride a WE-cycle bike that appears out of order. Once riding, have a plan as to where you want to go.