Basalt's First Public Transit System

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The Basalt System is designed to provide safe, reliable, and 24/7 bike access between neighborhoods, bus stops, and commercial centers. WE-cycle will be the first public transportation option available to many neighborhoods throughout the area—reducing pressure on existing park-and-rides and demand for cost prohibitive bus circulator systems. Access to bike share will lead to a healthier, more vibrant, and environmentally-engaged Basalt community.

WE-cycle’s Season Passholders are responsible for the majority of WE-cycle rides, accounting for 62% of all rides in 2015. 43% of these passholders live outside of Aspen but in the Roaring Fork Valley, with the Basalt area accounting for a higher percentage of current season passholders than any other community besides Aspen.

Our riders have made the need for a Basalt WE-cycle System clear, noting that:
• 78% would ride WE-cycle in other towns in the Roaring Fork Valley
• 85% would be more inclined to ride RFTA if they had access to WE-cycle at either end of their trip
• 91% own personal bikes, but still find WE-cycle useful


WE-cycle is pleased to have the support of each government in the Basalt area, including: the Town of Basalt and Pitkin and Eagle Counties. WE-cycle is a private partner helping achieve their respective public goals of increasing multi-modal transportation use, improving access to public transportation, and reducing congestion.

Town of Basalt

“Basalt Town Council hereby supports establishing WE-cycle as Basalt’s first public transportation system as it is aligned with
Basalt’s goals.” - Resolution No. 46, Series of 2015

"The Town of Basalt is proud to partner with WE-cycle to effect the goals of our Comprehensive Plan: bringing multiple modes of transportation to existing population centers in Basalt, reducing reliance on personal vehicles, and ensuring that all residents have equal access to public transportation infrastructure."
- Jacque Whitsitt, Mayor

Eagle County

"Eagle County looks forward to our partnership with WE-cycle as it will help to achieve several of the county's transportation goals in our Comprehensive Vision plan, namely supporting healthy lifestyles within our communities as well as providing a multi-modal approach to transportation where the public is less reliant on personal automobiles. WE-cycle will make personal vehicles less essential for those that have them, and reduce the opportunity and mobility burden of those who do not."
- Kathy Chandler-Henry, Eagle County Commissioner

WE-cycle is closely aligned with Eagle County’s transportation vision in its Comprehensive Vision, specifically relating to:

• 3.5.2 Efficient Transportation.
a. Developed areas in Eagle County should be served by multiple
modes of transportation.
• A Healthy Place for All. “Eagle County is a place where residents and
visitors engage in healthy lifestyles, and it should evolve to become a  place where people are not 100% reliant on personal automobiles to get around...This updated Comprehensive Plan further integrates the concept of pedestrian, bicycle, and multi-modal transportation into the definition of transportation, with the hope that cohesive, mass transit-pedestrian-bike friendly development will result...Increasing opportunities for mass and multi-modal transportation could reduce the increase in traffic numbers and road and parking lot congestion in the county, thereby lessening
potential negative impacts to the environment.”
• Multi-Modal Transportation. “A multi-modal transportation approach would solve many of the problems that currently exist on local roads.”

Pitkin County

The Pitkin County Commissioners have been very supportive of WE-cycle's expansion to Basalt as bike share is an important part of their Community Vision, especially providing "ease of mobility via safe and efficient transportation systems."