Why Ride WE-cycle?

Save Time

WE-cycle is a fast way to get around town. Hop on a bike and be where you need to be in minutes so you can spend more time doing what you want to be doing!

Save Money

WE-cycle is FREE! Reduce your gas bill, car wear and tear, and parking expenses.

Skip Traffic & Parking

Ride WE-cycle to and from RFTA and zip by the congestion to your destination. WE promise it feels great!

Skip the Stress

Arrive at work energized by fresh air and a pleasant ride instead of exhausted by your commute.

BE Flexible

WE-cycle is ideal for one-way trips. No need to take the bike back to where you started. WE’ll do that for you.

BE On Your Schedule

WE-cycle is available 24/7. You are in charge of your WE-cycle timetable.

BE Healthy

Turn your travel time into exercise. Even a short pedal-powered ride has positive health benefits.

BE Green

About one mile pedaled instead of driven keeps one pound of carbon emissions out of the air. You are making a difference!