What WE're About

WE-cycle is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to bringing bike sharing to Aspen, Basalt, and the Roaring Fork Valley as part of a public/private partnership.

WE-cycle was founded in 2010 to give everyone in Aspen—living, working or visiting—access to a townie. Implementing bike sharing is a response to several community goals as stated in the Aspen Area Community Plan and the Canary Initiative: to reduce both our carbon emissions and traffic congestion. Bike sharing can make a tangible difference in advancing our community towards its objectives.

WE-cycle expanded and opened its second system in Basalt in May of 2016.

We recognize that no initiative or individual alone can reach our ambitious community vision. And so, WE-cycle was born as a collective means of pedaling towards a clean, bright, healthy future!



WE-cycle is committed to providing easily accessible and affordable bicycles within Aspen, Basalt, and the Roaring Fork Valley to be used for in and around town transportation and to facilitate seamless connections to other transportation options. WE-cycle’s vision is one in which increased bike and multi-modal transportation use fosters a more livable, vibrant, healthy, and environmentally-engaged community.

Updated Mission coming May!




WE-cycle is a community effort and is funded through a public/private partnership.

Start-Up Fund: Founding Partners and donors are helping pay for the capital infrastructure which includes pre-fabricated stations, bikes and operating technology.

Operations: Once the bike sharing system is in place, WE-cycle’s operations will be supported through pass sales, Overtime Fees and sponsorship on the bikes and stations.

WE-cycle is committed to both operational and environmental sustainability.

You can help by donating to WE-cycle.