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Hop on at any of WE-cycle's 20 stations. WE-cycle maps are available at information kiosks and activities counters throughout town. Large system maps are also prominently displayed at all locations.

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{County Commissioner Newman } "As an avid rider of RFTA's BRT, WE-cycle provides me the ability to go that last half mile. I get off the bus and pick up a bike and ride to my meetings."
{Visitor from Napa, CA} "[WE-cycle] is so convenient, so easy, it's sustainable. I can't say enough good things about it!"
{Patty} "WE-cycle is the perfect way to start your day!"
{Eben} "WE-cycle aligns with the values of the town: sustainability, an active population, etc."
{Nathan} "WE-cycle makes it so easy to get from our office into town to run errands."
{Chris} "It's fast, it's easy, and pretty affordable. Instead of fixing your own flat tires WE-cycle takes care of the maintenance for you."
{Megan} "I love to use WE-cycle for one-way trips."
{Sharon} "I especially like to ride WE-cycle at night because of the lights. I like to ride to the Wheeler, drop it off at Restaurant Row and I can be dressed up."
{Aspen Mayor Skadron} "I ride WE-cycle all the time!"
{Jack} "What a great way after a long day of conference to get a little bit of physical activity on my way back to my hotel."
{Texas Couple} "Today we had a great ride.... you have two Texas converts to bike riding."
{Visiting Aspen} "Did we tell you how much we love WE-cycle?! It's the only way to get around Aspen!"
{Citi Biker} "I am a Citi Biker in New York City, but I never would have signed up had I not started bike sharing here in Aspen... [WE-cycle] was so approachable."
{Ryland} "WE-cycle gives me the freedom to use a bike when I need it and forget about it when I don't."
{Ray LaHood, Former Secretary of Transportation} "This is the year of bike share! Bike share has transformed communities and its transforming Aspen."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "[WE-cycle] has been great and I’m coming back in another two weeks to do it again."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "Loved it. Seriously, it’s been great!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I’m going to back to Boston and hook up with Hubway and do this everyday! I am so excited, and had such a great time using these bikes!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "WE-cycle bike share is quite phenomenal and [its] ease and convenience is really something special."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I’m obsessed with WE-cycle. It’s such a fantastic service and I cannot wait until [bike share] comes to San Francisco."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "WE-cycle has been amazing during our stay. It has sparked my interest in trying out our new bike share back in Chicago."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider and her dog Daisy} "Love the bikes! Daisy rode in the bike. She loved it! This is the best!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This has been fabulous. It’s the best way to get around town."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I took a bike this afternoon from [the Aspen Institute] to downtown. It was easy; it was fun; everything worked great. I’m ready to do it again."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This is the best thing that I’ve discovered at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I’m using [WE-cycle] everyday, all the time."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This is the best way to get around Aspen."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "[WE-cycle] was good, it was fun, and it was easy.”"
{Jeff} "I really enjoy the convenience of biking to work without having to worry about locking up my bike or maintenance on my own bike. It is slick and easy!"
{Mitzi} "WE-cycle has allowed me, the unlikely and tentative cyclist, to begin riding again. It has given me renewed confidence and freedom."
{Tricia} "It allows me the convenience of a townie bike in Aspen, even though I live in Basalt. I'm can use WE for errands, grabbing lunch, or dashing to an appointment."
{Peter} "It is such a hassle-free experience. I can get where I need to go without having to worry about a lock, maintenance, or riding back to where I came from."
{Richard} "I'll be able to bike around Aspen without having to bring my bike up-valley."
{Kendall} "When I get off the bus in Aspen, I can hop on a WE-cycle and go wherever I need to go in town."
{Eliza} "When I have friends visiting, they will be able to join me on my bike as we cruise around town."
{Christy} "I can grab a WE-cycle from the station at the post office and head through the west end over to the Aspen Music Festival and catch some music after work."