How It Works

WE-cycle is the fast, flexible and FUN way to get around Aspen and Basalt!

There are 43 WE-cycle stations in key locations around Aspen and Basalt. The majority of stations come with a touchscreen kiosk that allows you to purchase a pass and start riding immediately. There are a few smaller stations in both Aspen and Basalt without a touchscreen kiosk and map. These stations are meant to be used by season passholders who already have their pass.

All stations feature a docking system that releases bikes using a key, card, or unlocking code.

Bikes are available 24/7 May-October.


Purchase a pass at any station with a kiosk or pre-purchase a season pass HERE and wait for your key or card in the mail.


1. Passholders with a key or card will swipe their key or card directly at a bike dock to unlock a bike.

2. Riders who signed up at the kiosk will scan the same credit card used to purchase access to get an unlocking code.

3. Passholders or riders may also check out a bike using Transit App. If you are a season passholder, sign into the app using your email and password. If you a short-term rider, select purchase a pass and continue from there.

Once you have a bike, adjust your seat, and you are ready to ride.


You now have 30 minutes to redock the bike at any station. You can keep the bike for longer, but you will be charged Overtime Fees.

Ride Again

Take as many rides as you would like while your pass is valid. Choose RIDE AGAIN at the kiosk, simply swipe a card or key any bike dock, or get a ride code from Transit App. Your 30-minute timer restarts every checkout.

{County Commissioner Newman } "As an avid rider of RFTA's BRT, WE-cycle provides me the ability to go that last half mile. I get off the bus and pick up a bike and ride to my meetings."
{Visitor from Napa, CA} "[WE-cycle] is so convenient, so easy, it's sustainable. I can't say enough good things about it!"
{Patty} "WE-cycle is the perfect way to start your day!"
{Eben} "WE-cycle aligns with the values of the town: sustainability, an active population, etc."
{Nathan} "WE-cycle makes it so easy to get from our office into town to run errands."
{Chris} "It's fast, it's easy, and pretty affordable. Instead of fixing your own flat tires WE-cycle takes care of the maintenance for you."
{Megan} "I love to use WE-cycle for one-way trips."
{Sharon} "I especially like to ride WE-cycle at night because of the lights. I like to ride to the Wheeler, drop it off at Restaurant Row and I can be dressed up."
{Aspen Mayor Skadron} "I ride WE-cycle all the time!"
{Jack} "What a great way after a long day of conference to get a little bit of physical activity on my way back to my hotel."
{Texas Couple} "Today we had a great ride.... you have two Texas converts to bike riding."
{Visiting Aspen} "Did we tell you how much we love WE-cycle?! It's the only way to get around Aspen!"
{Citi Biker} "I am a Citi Biker in New York City, but I never would have signed up had I not started bike sharing here in Aspen... [WE-cycle] was so approachable."
{Ryland} "WE-cycle gives me the freedom to use a bike when I need it and forget about it when I don't."
{Ray LaHood, Former Secretary of Transportation} "This is the year of bike share! Bike share has transformed communities and its transforming Aspen."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "[WE-cycle] has been great and I’m coming back in another two weeks to do it again."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "Loved it. Seriously, it’s been great!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I’m going to back to Boston and hook up with Hubway and do this everyday! I am so excited, and had such a great time using these bikes!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "WE-cycle bike share is quite phenomenal and [its] ease and convenience is really something special."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I’m obsessed with WE-cycle. It’s such a fantastic service and I cannot wait until [bike share] comes to San Francisco."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "WE-cycle has been amazing during our stay. It has sparked my interest in trying out our new bike share back in Chicago."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider and her dog Daisy} "Love the bikes! Daisy rode in the bike. She loved it! This is the best!"
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This has been fabulous. It’s the best way to get around town."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "I took a bike this afternoon from [the Aspen Institute] to downtown. It was easy; it was fun; everything worked great. I’m ready to do it again."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This is the best thing that I’ve discovered at the Aspen Ideas Festival. I’m using [WE-cycle] everyday, all the time."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "This is the best way to get around Aspen."
{Aspen Ideas Festival Rider} "[WE-cycle] was good, it was fun, and it was easy.”"
{Jeff} "I really enjoy the convenience of biking to work without having to worry about locking up my bike or maintenance on my own bike. It is slick and easy!"
{Mitzi} "WE-cycle has allowed me, the unlikely and tentative cyclist, to begin riding again. It has given me renewed confidence and freedom."
{Tricia} "It allows me the convenience of a townie bike in Aspen, even though I live in Basalt. I'm can use WE for errands, grabbing lunch, or dashing to an appointment."
{Peter} "It is such a hassle-free experience. I can get where I need to go without having to worry about a lock, maintenance, or riding back to where I came from."
{Richard} "I'll be able to bike around Aspen without having to bring my bike up-valley."
{Kendall} "When I get off the bus in Aspen, I can hop on a WE-cycle and go wherever I need to go in town."
{Eliza} "When I have friends visiting, they will be able to join me on my bike as we cruise around town."
{Christy} "I can grab a WE-cycle from the station at the post office and head through the west end over to the Aspen Music Festival and catch some music after work."