How It Works

WE-cycle is the fast, flexible and FUN way to get around Aspen and Basalt! Bikes are available in Aspen 24/7 May-Oct. and in Basalt 24/7 May-Nov.

There are 43 WE-cycle stations in key locations around Aspen and Basalt. The majority of stations come with a touchscreen kiosk but there are a few smaller stations, called Neighborhood Stations, in both Aspen and Basalt without a touchscreen kiosk and map. Bikes at Neighborhood Stations can be easily accessed via Transit App. Follow the easy steps below to start riding today. 


Short-term Passholder (Pay-per-ride, 5-Ride Pass, 10-Ride Pass, 20-Ride Pass, 30-Ride Pass): Purchase a pass at a station with a kiosk by following the prompts or download Transit App.

Season PassholderSign up or renew here


Short-term Passholder

1. Purchased your pass at a kiosk: scan the same credit card used to purchase the pass to get a one-time Ride Code. If you missed the code or could not read the screen, simply repeat this step by selecting Ride Again, I Already Have a Pass on the homescreen to get a new Ride Code. Note, you will not be charged for your ride until a bike is pulled out of the dock. 

2. Purchased your pass on Transit App: select Purchase Pass, and continue filling in information. Then select Get a Bike and enter one-time Ride Code to the left of the bike. 

Season Passholder:

1. Passholders with a key fob or card will swipe directly at a bike dock to unlock a bike.

2. Download Transit App and sign into the app using your email and password. Then allow location services to be turned on so that you can select Get a Bike from the station nearest you. You will stay logged into the app.

Once you have a bike, adjust your seat, and you are ready to ride.


Short-term Passholders have 30 minutes to redock the bike at any station. You can keep the bike for longer, but you will be charged Overtime Fees.

Season Passholders have 60 minutes to redock the bike at any station. Rides over 60 minutes will incur Overtime Fees. 

Ride Again

Short-term Passholder: Swipe credit card at any kiosk to verify account or use Transit App to receive a new a Ride Code. New charges may apply depending on Pass Type.

Season Passholder: Use card or key at any station or visit Transit App and select Get a Bike for a new Ride Code.