How to WE-Cycle


Underwritten by the City of Aspen, Town of Basalt, and Eagle County.

All rides are FREE for the first 30 minutes. Time resets with each ride. +50 cents per additional minute over 30.

Use WE-cycle as your wheels to get you where you need to be in Aspen and Basalt. It's fun, flexible, and convenient!

Access 210 bikes at 49 stations.


Sign Up WE-cycle

When the system re-opens in Spring 2020, you can create a free account or download the mobile app to sign up and check out a bike.

Get a Bike WE-cycle

When the system re-opens in Spring 2020, you can check out a bike at any of the 49 stations. You can use Transit and and get a Ride Code or insert your physical pass. Wait for the green light, pull firmly on the handlebars or lift the seat and let the bike roll out.

Return Bike WE-cycle

Return your bike to any station. Push firmly. Wait for the green light on the dock to make sure it’s locked. Time resets with each ride.

Ride Again WE-cycle

Take as many 30-minute rides as you choose in both Aspen and Basalt.




WE-cycle is FREE! Reduce your gas bill, car wear and tear, and parking expenses.


WE-cycle is ideal for one-way trips. No need to take the bike back to where you started. WE’ll do that for you.


WE-cycle is a fast way to get around town. Hop on a bike and be where you need to be in minutes so you can spend more time doing what you want to be doing.


One mile pedaled instead of driven keeps approximately one pound of carbon emissions out of the air. You are making a difference!


Ride WE-cycle to and from RFTA and zip by the congestion to your destination. Leaving the car at home also allows you to skip parking.


Using alternative transportation helps your wallet, your carbon footprint, and your community.

Aspen Transportation Options

ROARING FORK TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (RFTA) is the Valley's bus system with service from Aspen to Rifle. Riding RFTA is a great way to avoid traffic. Many WE-cycle stations are adjacent to RFTA stops to facilitate bike-bus-bike connectivity.

How can I use WE-cycle and RFTA together?

  • RFTA Seasonal Zone Passholders can activate their Zone Pass card as a WE-cycle pass. Sign up for WE-cycle and follow instructions to activate Zone Pass.
  • Download transit® for real-time valley-wide RFTA schedules and WE-cycle locations and bike availability.


THE DOWNTOWNER is a fun, free and fresh-air service around Aspen. Use the Downtowner app to request a ride and review service boundaries. Operates from 11am–11pm.

CAR-TO-GO, Aspen's car share, is a perfect solution for those seeking to avoid purchasing a car. Membership includes access to hybrid vehicles located conveniently around town, gas, insurance, maintenance, snow removal and roadside assistance.

TOP PROGRAM, offered by the City of Aspen, supports employers through grants and programming to encourage their employees to get to work using alternative transportation options.


For short, 30-minute rides to:

  • Get you across town
  • Get to the bus
  • Run errands
  • Get to an event
  • Skip parking and traffic


For longer rides to:

  • Explore town
  • Enjoy the scenic trails
  • Ride the Rio Grande Trail
  • Get outside as a family
  • Make the most of your vacation

Interested in a longer ride? Visit our local bike shops.